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 I'm having a hard time opening/closing the Lock-Box. Any tips?

Opening/Closing the Lock-Box can be made easier with a few simple steps. First, make sure to orient the box away from you. Clear any items that might obstruct the seal. To close the box, place your palms on the top and use your fingers to press down on the bottom. Once shut, the box will be easier to clamp securely. To open, you would need to squeeze the box to alleviate any pressure on the clamps. If you're still experiencing difficulties, please feel free to contact our customer support team for further assistance.

 Is the Lock-Box truly waterproof?

Absolutely! The Lock-Box meets IP67 waterproof standards, ensuring your smoking essentials stay dry even in challenging conditions.

Can the Lock-Box withstand rough handling?

Yes, the Lock-Box is crushproof and can endure falls from heights of up to 5m without damage or opening.

How much weight can the Lock-Box withstand?

The Lock-Box is designed to resist 1000kg of compression, ensuring your items remain protected under heavy pressure.

Can the Lock-Box be damaged by electrocution?

No, the Lock-Box is built to withstand electrocution without deformation or damage.

How deep can the Lock-Box be submerged?

The Lock-Box remains waterproof up to 33m underwater, providing peace of mind in aquatic environments.

Can I customize the interior of the Lock-Box?

Absolutely! The Lock-Box features customizable foam inserts that can be removed, cut, or rearranged to accommodate items of any size.

 Is the foam inside the Lock-Box fire-resistant?

No, the foam can burn. Ensure that it remains dry before closing the box as well.

Can I replace the lock with a different one?

Yes, you can replace the lock with another lock that is at most 0.35mm thick.

 Do I need to store all the accessories inside the Lock-Box?

No, you have the flexibility to decide which accessories to store inside the Lock-Box based on your needs and preferences.

I clamped down a large amount of items and the foam seems to be distorted, will it stay that way?

No, the foam utilizes memory foam technology, allowing it to adapt and revert back to its original shape even after repeated use.


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